Understand how your customers experience your business.

Monitor and manage your online presence and sales process.

Phone Mystery shopping

Maintain a high standard for customer service and sales reps.


Gather and compare retail prices to keep a competitive edge.


Utilize the fastest, most effective tools to coach to simulate real scenarios.


About SCI

Enjoy the best brand and customer loyalty imaginable

Shoppers Critique International (SCI), a division of Reality Based Group, has devoted over 40 years to helping companies lead with the best customer experience through its mystery shopping evaluation services.


Active Mystery Shoppers in North America


U.S. States covered PLUS  Canada Territories


Years of Mystery Shopping Evaluation Experience


Goal of Driving Excellence to your Customer Experience

Why use a Mystery Shopping Evaluation Service

Shoppers Critique International, a Reality Based Group company, has partnered with hundreds of companies,
including some in the Fortune 500, to create the best customer experience.

Increase Profits
and revenue

Improve your current customer engagement and sales process to bolster average ticket prices and reduce costs. 

Build Lasting
Customer Loyalty

Bring satisfied customers back to your business with recurring, excellent standards every location, every single time. 

Improve Overall Customer Service

From onsite, online, and over the phone, give all of your prospects and customers the best possible shopping experience.

Drive Employee Development

Train your staff well and keep them around long term. A positive work environment is proven to drive happy customers.

SCI Secret to Success

SCI uses its mystery shopping evaluation services
to drive your long-term success


We work with your goals and best practices to build your program for the highest ROI.


We then evaluate the best method to collect objective data for your business.


We offer you a custom dashboard to monitor the data and identify areas of improvement.


We help equip you with the tools needed to coach your team for success!

Companies Making the
Customer Experience Difference

Customers worldwide engage with millions of companies every second. Our continued goal is to have our clients maximize each one of theirs.

Our Team

We are your partner for success.
Whatever your goals are for your organization or customers, choose us to make it work.

Josh Stern


Renee DeSantis

Executive Vice President

Brian Rothschild

Customer Engagement Director

Tim Williams

Director of Customer Success

Corner Critique

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