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See why major restaurant leaders choose video as the most actionable and reliable look into their businesses

At Shoppers’ Crititique International, we allow you to experience your restaurant from your guests’ perspective with our Restaurant Mystery Shopping Evaluation Service.

With SCI, you can gain new insight into the customer experience you’re providing your guests. Focused training and coaching on what matters most will help you increase average ticket total, increase up-selling and improve guest loyalty. As you and your partners know, the restaurant industry is very competitive and protecting your reputation and improving your customer reviews can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. SCI can work with you to create a customized program that meets your specific needs.

Our complete suite of custom mystery shopping evaluation services, via video, written, and online, as well as staff coaching support, will help you improve your diners’ experiences. Whether you have just opened your restaurant or if you’ve been a standard in your community area for years, we can help you improve your restaurant’s level of customer service. Learn more about our restaurant mystery shopping solutions below.


Results Speak Louder than Words

SCI offers several mystery shopping and customer experience solutions that fit your restaurant’s needs. Our tailored programs first collect actionable data on revenue driving behaviors, then guide you through coaching to improve these behaviors so you see powerful results. It’s all about program design and making the data matter.


See your reality with real film of guests’ experiences, eliminating any subjectivity, and letting you concentrate on improvement.


Develop a unique scorecard based on your goals and let our trained mystery shoppers evaluate your restaurant. 


Monitor your online customer ordering process, and track and respond to patrons who are reviewing your business.


Gain insights into how well your staff interacts with customers making inquiries, setting reservations, or placing orders over the phone.

Why choose SCI over other Restaurant Mystery Shoppers?

From program design, to scorecard build, to the resources deployed, to coaching and training. Each piece of our closed loop program is tailored to fit your needs and culture. It’s all about results, and we’ve got those on our side. With our experience providing restaurant mystery shopping services for years, we have developed leading best practices for improving your restaurants’ customer experience.

We have developed many custom restaurant secret shopping programs that include the core items that every restaurant should measure as well as custom measurements for unique restaurant concepts. Our innovative secret shopping solutions as well as our commitment to employing only the best mystery shoppers, ensures that our measurements will lead to impactful insights for your business.

Let us show you the SCI difference, you will be blown away. Our Restaurant Mystery Shopping solutions can help you improve your diners’ experience and also increase average ticket total and customer loyalty.

Get in touch with us today to start developing a program tailored to your needs and the specific insights you’d like to gain about your business. Our superior processes and personnel sets us apart and will improve your bottom line.

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