Why Atlanta Succeeds at the Customer Experience

As the capital city of Georgia and a metropolitan area that’s home to 5.9 million people, Atlanta is booming with success. Atlanta mystery shopping contributes to the business. But this is a city unlike any other –– with over 100,000 shade trees planted throughout, Atlanta has been recognized as “the most heavily forested urban area in the country.”

An increasing number of migrants and immigrants have flocked to the city in recent years, contributing to its richness in culture and making it a diverse metropolitan area. With such a booming economy and a growing population, it’s important that businesses continue an upward trend of success.

But it can be difficult to understand employee performance and customer experience without the right team to help you. Sure, you may be going above and beyond to achieve the very best in service, but what does your business look like from the customer’s standpoint? That’s where Shoppers Critique International (SCI) comes in. We stay committed to helping businesses like yours gain insights and gain a competitive advantage through Mystery Shopping.

Companies in the heart of Atlanta and nearby suburbs including, Decatur, Johns Creek, and Alpharetta can count on RBG to help ensure their businesses are achieving the very best in service.

Why use Mystery Shopping in Atlanta?

Businesses in and near Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and all along Peachtree Road wanting to gain a competitive edge should look to Mystery Shopping. Whether you’re located in the heart of Atlanta, a nearby county, or in the surrounding area, SCI is here to help.

You’ve got (almost) everything you need for a great business –– perfect location, experienced and well-trained staff, great products and services at quality prices –– so what’s keeping you from being in 1st place? Mystery shopping could just be the missing piece.

That’s why we designed our program to provide business with simple and targeted observations of your business performance and operations through the eyes of our undercover highly trained undercover shoppers.

When a customer visits your store, aren’t you curious to know how they felt about their overall shopping experience? When you’re running a big business, these things can be hard to tell without having an expert on the case. With so many clients coming in and out and, you’re not going to be able to track every aspect of the customer experience.

When our mystery shoppers are assigned to your store, we have them analyze everything from the customer’s standpoint, which includes everything from the initial greeting to parting comments.

Atlanta ranks 10th in U.S. city GDP with $385 billion.

Atlanta is ranked as a beta+ world city as it continues to impact in areas like global commerce, finance, technology, and entertainment. Several successful corporations have set up global headquarters in and around the city including, The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, Chick-fil-A, and UPS. Atlanta is also home to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

As a center for many residential neighborhoods and suburbs, Atlanta has some high-quality restaurants. In addition, it also has shopping centers for visitors and residents alike. Neighborhoods like East Atlanta Village and Castleberry Hill are bustling with trendy bars and restaurants. Those visitors wanting to dive into a bit of a history lesson should consider visiting Old Fourth Ward –– rich in Civil War roots and home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Benefits of Using Secret Shoppers

Mystery shopping is more than just a provision of data –– it is designed to assess your business by providing you and your employees with a report card that shows areas of strength in addition to areas you could improve on. And after your evaluation, the real magic begins.

Once our RBG mystery shoppers have submitted their feedback, we will use that feedback to help your business create a detailed roadmap of what key performance behaviors will help your frontline associates improve the customer experience.

Providing exceptional sales and service are learned behaviors. Sometimes, frontline employees don’t have either the work or life experience to incorporate the proper service expectations into their daily interactions with customers.

Evaluating each team members’ strengths and areas for improvement will help you improve your performance and gain a competitive edge.

Areas of Analysis

Our mystery shoppers come into your business and analyze 5 key areas, including:

1. Site Analysis –– Is your business location clean and easy to navigate? This is an important factor for many shoppers and their overall experience. Our mystery shoppers will assess your store’s overall cleanliness and organization.

2. Opening Statements –– Are customers being greeted when they walk in? Many customers say that being greeted upon arrival at a store contributes to their overall positive shopping experience.

3. Sales Skills –– Does your business take advantage of up-selling opportunities? Up-selling is a crucial part of increasing revenue. Our mystery shoppers are skilled at creating opportunities for upselling and helping your employees recognize them.

4. Knowledge Matters –– How knowledgeable is your staff about the business? The more your staff knows, the more confidence customers will have in their suggestions.

5. Parting Remarks –– Are your employees bidding customers a warm farewell? Building a foundation with customers and making them feel appreciated helps contribute to long-term success and a higher chance of them returning.