Why you should consider hiring a mystery shopping company?

You own a business and want to evaluate your company as a whole; that is, not through the eyes of an owner but through the eyes of your customer, to know what your customer feel about your services and products and you find it difficult to track down if their needs are perfectly met, then you should hire a mystery shopping company. They can come out with astonishing reports which can be utilised to improvise your venture and thus ensuring a boom in the number of customers approaching you.

Mystery shopping: Technically speaking, mystery shopping is a market research tool used by companies to evaluate the quality of service offered and it had been in use since 1940’s. From then mystery shopping was extensively in use and had emerged as a separate industry with a value of over $600 million in United States. The key aspect that makes mystery shopping important is its method of evaluation. We can get a report on our venture from the customer’s perspective which makes it unique from other market research tools.

What services does a mystery shopping company offer? When you approach a mystery shopping company what they initially do is conducting a detailed study about your company, the products or services that you provide and the standards to be met. Then they hire a mystery shopper who approaches your company as a normal customer in disguise, whose prime job is the evaluation of certain constraints which your company is supposed to have met. They can some time even behave odd or may be aggressive just to know how your employees handle an irritated customer. They may at time create an issue as if in case of restaurants that the food doesn’t have what it claims to and even take the issue right up to the chef or you to make an analysis of the way the problems are handled. The constraints that they seek to be met includes the greeting time, the waiting time, the cleanliness of the location, dress code, and the way your employees handle the customers. Once the analysis is complete they concentrate on providing you with a report, a detailed report on what their findings are. It includes both good and bad that they had analyzed in your venture. Next they arrange a discussion with you to let you know about where to improve and thus increasing your chances of foot fall. When you are done with your improvising they approach you again to make sure that you had made improvements and thus assure a helping hand to ensure a steady growth in your graph.

What type of companies can hire them? Are you thinking over like I am not a big shot to hire a mystery shopper?? Then you are absolutely wrong!! When you don’t find time to analyze your customer’s needs and you can’t reach out to see if all the ends meet you can hire them. The size or turn over never ever matters in hiring a mystery shopper, what really matters is are you ready to make an analysis of your own venture to improvise it. Now what sort of companies can have approach them?? Simply all! Almost all enterprise can have their help irrespective of what they do and what they provide. Restaurants, hotels, retailers, shopping malls, textile ventures, amusement parks, banks and even hospitals can have their service. Big or small, product or service whatever you offer the main concern is total customer satisfaction. May be you believe you are providing your best to them but is this what they expect from you. If a twist or a turn can bring them back to you what is wrong in analyzing how to achieve it.

The benefits of hiring one… Before hiring one what could actually be the benefits that you may have, in short a considerable increase in your performance along with a rise in sales and profitability. Provides an update of the real time marketing approach and helps you improve along with it. You can experience a better brand compliance and an assured brand promise to the customers. Identifying the pitfalls from the core and identifying the areas where the employees need training are add on advantages of hiring a mystery shopping company.