Why Facebook Needs to Be an Integral Component of Your Marketing Blitz!!

Face It, Facebook Just Works!

The opportunity to receive discounts is the number one driver for consumers to “like” a brand on Facebook, according to a new study from ExactTarget and CoTweet.

Data from “Facebook X-Factors” indicates that the highest percentage of consumers (40%) are motivated to like a brand on Facebook by discounts and promotions. Almost the same percentage (39%) is motivated by showing support for the brand.

Getting free samples or coupons (36%) and receiving updates on upcoming sales (30%) also tally high on the discount/promotion motivation. Some of the other reasons that people may “like” a brand’s Facebook page include staying informed about the activities of a company (34%), getting updates on future products (33%), and simply for fun or entertainment (29%). Education and interaction (13%) are the least-popular reasons to “like” a brand, by a significant margin.

Results from “Facebook X-Factors” demonstrate that for most consumers, Facebook is still much more about personal, rather than professional, interaction. 63% of Facebook users are there to reconnect with old friends and friends who live far away, while 59% say they use Facebook to maintain personal contacts.

37% of users have a Facebook account to stay on top of their social life. Only 15% of Facebook users say they are there to maintain professional and work contacts.

Other notes of interest include:

* 64% of all U.S. online consumers (and three quarters of Millennials) have created a profile on Facebook.
* 70% of consumers who “liked” a brand on Facebook didn’t feel they’d given this company permission to market to them.
* Only 17% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy after becoming a “liking” a brand on Facebook.

The study went on to calculate that the average value a Facebook fan provides a brand is $136.38, but it can swing to $270.77 in the best case or go down to $0 in the worst, according to research from Syncapse. This value is based on Syncapse analysis of five factors per fan: product spending, brand loyalty, propensity to recommend, brand affinity and earned media value.

On average, a Facebook fan participates with a brand 10 times a year and will make one recommendation. Value can differ significantly by individual brand. For example, in the case of Coca-Cola, the best case for fan value reaches $316.78 but is $137.84 for an average fan. In the worst case scenario, a fan is worth $0.

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