What You Should Know About The Mystery Shopping Industry: The Shopper

Shop Your Heart Out!

Do you have a favorite store you like to shop in? Have you ever asked yourself why you like shopping there as opposed to the other stores that offer the same products? In today’s market your shopping experience from the parking lot to the restroom has become the stores top priority to stay ahead of its competition, with little effort you can be compensated for your opinions. And it’s not just stores that are looking for your opinion, it’s amusement park, theaters, sports arenas, car dealer’s, service industries, restaurants, the list is endless, if you, the consumer use it, the retailer wants to know why, and how to make the experience better.

Our world today is a social media frenzy. If you enjoyed a night out at “Joe’s Burger Barn”, you’re posting pictures of your meal and telling everyone how good or bad it was instantly. You’re sharing with your friends what a great deal you got at the store on a new TV or what a terrible experience you had with the plumber you hired to fix your drain. What if you could get reimbursed for your opinion on any number of things you do while going about your everyday life? hoppers’ Critique International is always looking for independent contractors that like to “shop”, have good writing skills, and are self motivated. Their client’s are diverse and are located all over North America if you fit the customer profile and live close to a needed locations this could be for you.

While this may sound like a simple enough job to take on and make some money, there are specific guidelines to follow. Every client has their own needs and what they’re looking for. They may only want to know if you were greeted as you entered the store or how the entree’ was at dinner and not care about dessert. Each assignment has its own instructions and you should only sign on for the ones you can handle and follow through with on time. If you don’t complete the assignment to the clients spec’s you may not be compensated for it. Just like any good employee you need to make your employer look good and the client happy. Don’t take on an assignment that you can’t handle. Make sure you know when the place on assignment is open and if you can complete it within the time frame given. It also helps if you look like the average Joe and not someone that draws attention to oneself. So don’t go walking in with a clipboard and a name tag. Remember you are “undercover” on a specific assignment.