Web-Based Receipt Surveys are Critical to Every Retail Business!!

You see them in almost every type of retail establishment: little notices at the bottom of your thermal receipt asking you to go to a website and give feedback. So is this a customer service marketing fad, or an integral part of a baseline customer service program?

The short answer is that there is probably not a more cost-effective way to survey your current customers than to offer a web-based receipt survey program. Mystery shopping is an outstanding in-depth way to measure employee compliance and consumer observations. It is an objective, secret shopper evaluation. It measures pre-given criteria, and records a snapshot of the past through the mystery shopper’s eyes. The mystery shopper may or may not be a current customer, but the shopper will provide an objective evaluation of the criteria presented to them to evaluate in great detail.

Mystery shops are not expensive to conduct, and a good program will measure each location at least on a weekly basis. But that still only gives the business 4 looks a month into operations. This is where a web-based receipt survey program is a great supplement to the secret shop.

For literally pennies per customer, Shoppers’ Critique International can deliver a mass point of view from a large universe of current customers. Web-based receipt survey programs should have a very limited scope of questions (although you can vary the questions on your survey from month to month). These market research devices measure “global” opinions, which can be further incorporated with mystery shopping data to further generate a more complete picture of retail operations.

In general, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when launching a web-based receipt survey program:

  1. Keep it short and sweet! What are the top 3 things you want to know? After 3 questions, your respondent is ready to bail.
  2. Provide a worthwhile incentive to participate. We can provide a code to write on the receipt for a redemption, which also draws return traffic to the store. We can share that a grocery client uses a loaf of fresh bread as their incentive; a casual steak house uses $3 off the next check; a bar-b-q restaurant uses a buy one get one free lunch special, and so on.
  3. Temper your return expectations…in other words, consider the participation rate here about the same as a coupon redemption rate. 1% is pretty normal; 2 % is a good day; 3% is a great day, and you must be living a right good life to bring in 4% or higher!!
  4. Make sure you have POP (point-of-purchase) materials or some other way to promote participation in the program…once folks sign the check, they don’t always read the other stuff on the thermal paper. Have your server or sales clerk point it out!

A web-based receipt survey program can be instituted for as low as less than $10/location!! What a bargain to gain that kind of insight from your customers at literally pennies per customer! That is one reason you see so many of them in existence. As a result of the ease-of-use, minimal cash investment and valuable insight, web-based receipt survey programs are an extremely cost effective customer intelligence tool that should be a part of EVERY retail or hospitality company’s marketing tool kit! Let Shoppers’ Critique hook you up with yours today!!