Using a Mystery Shopping Company to Evaluate Employee Performance

How Are Your Employees?

Are your employees rude? If they were, how would you know? You might get a complaint from a customer but how would you know if it’s not just someone who holds a grudge against that particular person? The only way to be certain that the complaint is legitimate is to send your own people in to check it out. If the person checking is another company employee the individual being evaluated will know and be on his or her best behavior. That doesn’t tell you anything.

A mystery shopping company can provide you a solution. A third party with no connection to either you or your employees can give you a fair and impartial report on what happens in your store when you’re not there. Those who work in the store won’t know they’re coming and will act as they normally do under everyday circumstances. That type of information can tell you a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Employee performance cannot just be measured by whether or not your employees are polite. Poor performance is sometimes the result of poor training or poor management. This is another area where a mystery shopping company can assist you. The reports prepared from mystery shopper visits can help you figure out exactly what areas need to be improved upon. It’s pretty obvious when someone is trying their hardest and just don’t have the tools to do what they need to do.

A mystery shopper can go through your processes, whatever they might happen to be, and give you a usability report. For a retail store, this could include the ease with which items could be found and the checkout process. For a call center it could be the wait time and timely manner in which questions are answered. Almost any type of business has a process and mystery shoppers can tell you if that process works properly.

If your business is functioning poorly, a mystery shopping company can help you improve it. If it is functioning well, you might be able to make it better. Let an impartial professional judge how your company works and bring those findings back to you. Your employees deserve the chance to show you what they can do when it counts the most.