The Presence and Impact of Mystery Shopper Companies during the Holidays

Providing Quality Service During The Holidays

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday shopping rush has begun. Are you prepared for what you are about to go through? The average consumer has to deal with products being out of stock, crazed parents searching for that special gift, and long check-out lines. As a business owner, particularly of a retail store, you are about to experience far worse. Your entire operation is about to be put to the test. Are you ready?

Believe it or not, now is the best time of year to hire a Mystery Shopper Company to send their professional consumers into your store to test your systems, processes, and your employee performance. Any of these will hold up fine on a slow day, but what happens when the madness of holiday shopping begins? Mystery shoppers can expose your weaknesses at times like these, hopefully before your paying customers do.

Doing an evaluation and analysis of performance early in the holiday season can help a business owner or manager make the changes necessary to ensure smooth sailing later in the season when things really get busy. Black Friday is a big retail day but this year there are many consumers waiting as long as possible to see if the economy shows signs of improvement. Large purchases in particular are expected to come late in the year or even after the New Year when the clearance sales begin.

Even internet businesses can benefit from the services of a mystery shopper during the holiday season. Having someone “use” your website and evaluate the look, functionality, and ease of purchase is a good move at the beginning of the season because changes can generally be made quickly through the site’s admin panel. Another set of eyes might be just what you need to tweak your site and increase your conversion rate.

Retail stores, restaurants, call centers, internet businesses, and virtually anyone who sells a product or service to consumers can benefit from the services of a mystery shopper company. Having someone not directly connected to your company act as a consumer making a purchase can be a huge benefit to you. As a business owner or manager you can use the information gathered by mystery shoppers to help your company run better during the holiday season and beyond.