The Industries that can Benefit from Mystery Shopper Services

Is Your Business In One of These Industries?

Mystery shopping began as a retail concept, but it is now used by other industries as well. The advantage gained by having an unbiased analysis of your company done by a mystery shopper service is something that has attracted the attention of business owners in a vast variety of industries who have never monitored check-out line times or stocked shelves to make sure inventory was available to their customers.

E-Commerce businesses use mystery shopper services to test their websites’ loading time and usability. Conversion rates can tell you where you are in comparison to others in your industry, but actual shoppers can tell you what’s broken and potentially how to fix it. How long does it take for your visitors to go from the landing page to the purchase or sign up page and what part of that journey can be improved on to speed up the pace?

Retail is, of course, the category where mystery shoppers are most effective. A retail operation is complex and involves multiple points where customer contact is necessary. Not only do your salespeople have to perform for you to be successful, but your store has to be set up and run properly, well stocked with the latest items that consumers want to buy. Those items need to be where your customers can find them and your personnel needs to know how to direct those shoppers to them. Mystery shopper services can help you evaluate whether or not that is happening.

Restaurants are prime recipients of mystery shopper benefits. You can have a friend or relative eat in your restaurant, but there’s a good chance that one of your employees might recognize them. You may not get an accurate evaluation from family either because they tend to be biased in one way or another. A mystery shopper service will provide you with a patron who has no stake in your business or a personal relationship with you that could distort their perception.

If you run a call center or any type of customer service operation your livelihood depends on the efficiency of those who have direct contact with consumers. Mystery shoppers can pose as these callers and find out if your system is working the way it should. That’s what mystery shopping is, finding your points of contact and testing them to their limits. Doing that regularly will help you understand your business better and make sure it runs properly.