The Importance of Your Focus On Customer Service For Your Marketing Strategy


Customer Service & Your Employees

Any successful company cares about their customers. Those companies that keep their customers happy have always been more prosperous than those businesses who do not. Few companies are able to reach a point where they have a reputation for excellent service. Mystery shopping is a huge part of ensuring honest feedback and opening up the doors for improvement.

When going after that goal of achieving excellent customer service, there are a few key things you may want to keep an eye on.

First, make sure that all of your employees know the importance of customer service to your business, and make this knowledge universal across every department. There are a lot of instances where some employees are not trained in customer service as well as others. Your customer will really only feel as though they have received excellent customer service if all areas of their experience reach the same threshold of excellence.

Second, be careful with how you reward your employees. If your employees paycheck relies on their ability to push sales, that will greatly take away from their ability, and also their desire, to push good customer service. It is important that your employees can relate the importance of customer service to the importance of overall sales for the company.

Third, give your employees the ability to resolve problems without dealing with a supervisor. When a problem is resolved without a supervisor’s assistance, your customer has a greater feeling of satisfaction. Customers who had a small issue that was quickly resolved, often times reported a higher level of satisfaction with a company than a customer who had no problems at all.

Listening to your customers, and taking their feedback to heart for your own business improvements is crucial. Mystery shopping gives you a way to see how your employees treat customers in an unbiased way. This should not be overlooked by any business that has hopes of seeing a successful future for themselves.