• Proactively Manage Your Social Media Image!
  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter and Others in Summary or Detail!
  • See Specifically What is Being Said About Your Company!
  • Measure Specific Campaigns, Brands or Locations on Social Media Sites!

How often are you being mentioned on Facebook? What percentage of your Tweets positive, neutral and negative? What specifically is being said about you on social media networks that you don’t know about? How are customer service experiences, both positive and negative, being relayed to the world, ultimately impacting your future sales? Are customers spreading positive halo and word of mouth, or are they unhappy and telling the world about a problem that you could easily fix? Are you simply flying blind into the dark, and have no idea what is being said about your company in social media circles?

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Facebook alone has over 750 million active users. If Facebook’s users were citizen’s of a country, they would make Facebook the 3rd most populous country on the planet, with more than twice as many users than residents in the US alone! The customer postings on Facebook and other social media platforms now reach far too many people in today’s real world to be ignored by America’s most successful businesses.

A seismic change in messaging power occurred with the mainstream use of the Internet, that has been greatly accelerated through social media networks. In the old days, the company mostly controlled the messages and consumer paradigms of its business…in other words, consumers knew what they knew of a business mostly through advertising, and via personal experience.

Now every Internet poster is a world-wide correspondent, reaching potentially hundred of thousands or even millions of people with a message about YOUR company. You need to know what those messages are.