• Reach a Targeted Base of Smart Phone Users!
  • Immediate, Specific, Targeted, Real Time!
  • Use for Promotions, Polling, Surveys, Affinity Programs, Rewards!
  • Drive Incremental Impulse Traffic via Date Specific Offers!

Welcome customers back on-property with a brief message and coupon automatically as the GPS detects their phone entering your location! Blast out a one-day BOGO lunch or dinner offer to your customer base to drive impulse traffic and incremental revenue for pennies! Keep customers up to date on hours of operation, store sales, seasonal or weekly specials, or any other strategic message! Remind drivers that their 3 month oil change is due, or that dental patients are due for their next cleaning!

What are Mobile Marketing Services?

Marketing on a mobile phone (also known as SMS Marketing) has become increasingly popular and successful vehicle since the widespread rise of SMS (Short Message Service), or “texts” in recent years

Mobile Marketing Services typically run off a “short code” (short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers that have been assigned by mobile operators for the use of brand campaign and other consumer services. ) Sending text messages to an email address is another less common, but available, methodology. Your targeted consumer group “opts in” to receive your campaign messages. Once they do so, you can tailor multiple messages and calls-to-action disseminated cost-effectively.

Since most of these services are going directly to a phone carried by the targeted consumer, the delivery rate to that niche audience is highly effective. Another advantage of the technology is its immediacy; messages are delivered almost immediately, and therefore are extremely successful for limited time micro-marketing campaigns.

Although customers rarely discontinue a Mobile Marketing Services stream, the consumer always has the ability to opt out of the service at any time by sending the word STOP via SMS. This option is included in accordance with the MMA Consumer Best Practices Guidelines, which are followed by Shoppers’ Critique International to maintain the highest quality, customer-focused programming standards for the benefit of our clients and end-users.

Mobile Marketing Services are being used across most all industries by progressive companies who are on the forefront of trying to aggressively reach their current customer base and lock them in with loyalty programming, as well as develop incremental sales through impulse purchase specials.

A restaurant chain may distribute an SMS coupon on a given morning for a BOGO lunch or dinner special that date only.

A theme park or attraction may auto-respond to a returning guest’s smart phone with a welcome back message, as well as a 25{bf28e118513ccfcdfd3d88c19239bb287fdd88bed683c07326c392c533903ab6} off coupon to a specific F&B location.

A retailer may offer a private loyalty sale at its locations to customers who have opted into mobile marketing over the weekend.

A chain of automotive stores or dealerships may periodically send out a reminder SMS for a 3 month oil change, with a limited time discount to create a call-to-action within a certain time period.

A group of urgent care centers may send out a quick survey following a visit by a patient to grab some immediate customer service feedback.

There are literally thousands of uses of this technology to better understand consumer perception, to reward customer loyalty, to move product or services in designated times, or for a myriad of other revenue opportunities!

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