Outside of mystery shopping, there are other ways that data can be accumulated to help your business. One of these ways is through the use of our online surveys. They provide you with great results by giving you the hands-off experience that is sometimes needed when gathering data. In order to accurately get information from your customers, there has to be various ways of getting that information, and our online surveys are useful for the following reasons:

•    They gather data quickly, easily, and cost-effectively
•    They can be done on-site or online
•    They can be open access or through an authorization code
•    You get real time access to the results
•    They measure customers, clients, employees, members, or anyone else

What is it that customers like or dislike about the experience at the business? What parts of the business do customers and clients find most valuable, and how can we capitalize on this and improve it? What is the attitude and climate of our employees, and what changes can be done in the workplace to provide better job satisfaction and therefore increased productivity and profits? What member benefits impact loyalty and longevity, and which ones are wastes of money?
These are just some of the questions that we’ve gotten in regards to our online surveys. Each time we get one of these questions, they are answered efficiently and well above expectations through our surveys. That’s because the data collected can be geared towards a specific goal, and the result would be information that’s actually relevant to the purposes of the business and the questions in mind.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are the most cost-efficient way of measuring data from a targeted group of individuals. However, the group is more limited than some of the other data collection methods, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t carry its weight. One of the unique aspects to this type of data collection is that it provides the user with a branded URL to gather specific feedback from the targeted pool. What’s the advantage here, you ask? Well, it’s important in all industries to keep brand recognition at the forefront, and through our online surveys, we make sure that it’s always your name that is on the tips of everyone’s tongues.

Our online surveys can be done on open terminals on-site, or submitted through any internet access point. Some companies find that the on-site surveys work to their advantage because they provide instantaneous feedback while the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind. Sometimes there are questions that can only be accurately answered minutes after the fact, and having the terminal there for them to leave you feedback can mean a world of difference. In addition, these on-site terminals can be used for employees to determine employee satisfaction and happiness. If your worker base is unhappy, there can be a lot of problems trying to keep a business going at a reasonable pace, so it’s important to know what ways you can improve on your employees’ experience.

The benefit of the online surveys that are done off-site is that is can be done by many more people over the course of the experience. Or, in the case of some businesses that function purely over the phone, there is no store-front for the customer to visit. Having the luxury of filling out a survey when you please can really ease some customers into using them, and you’ll find that the data collected will still be as valuable as those who have just left feedback in your store. While the answers may not be as fresh, they have had more time to come up with an accurate response that suits their needs.

We offer our clients the ability to make these online surveys open to accept all entries, or whether they would need a verification code. The benefit of this is whether you want a particular sample or a larger one. By allowing for open entry, you will get a lot more feedback, but it may not be as targeted as you want it to be. It’s purely at the discretion of the client as to how they want to distribute the online surveys.

Lastly, our surveys can be used to simply say “thank you” to the customer, or they can provide some sort of reward for completion. Do you want to give vouchers or coupons to those who complete or participate in the survey? That’s something that’s easily offered, and the client will be able to take advantage of your offer at the end of the poll. These tactics are used across all industries and businesses, and have had great results.

IVR Surveys

Though less used than our online surveys, we do offer IVR surveys. This is a measurement tool that is conducted via the telephone, and the respondent will press buttons on their phones to direct the survey and give their ratings. It’s simply an alternative method of data collection that we provide our clients. While the online survey can be a great way to keep brand recognition, the telephone data can be gathered through a specific toll-free number. These methods, just like the online surveys, are used across many various industries with great success.