At Shoppers’ Critique International, we wanted to bring something entirely unique to the mystery shopping landscape. It is for this reason that we created our own proprietary approach to the shopping experience. After all, the collection of data is important, but if you as the business owner have a hard time seeing or utilizing the results, then there’s very little that the data can actually tell you.  Our ShopMAX program has a few internal systems that can really help you get the most of your results.


•    Online 24/7
•    Real Time Results
•    Summary Reports
•    Graphing & Trending
•    Admin Control

The first part of our ShopMAX system is ShopCENTRAL. As the main hub for everything else that we will discuss, it’s important that this service be made available to you at all times, 24/7. Nestled into this area you will find the real time results of any shopping that’s being done for you. If you’re having an on-site shop performed, when a shopper puts the information into the system, you’ll know right then and there. In addition, this is where you will see the summary reports from every shop performed by our shoppers for your business. If you need to look at a collection of data all in one place, there’s nowhere else that you need to go. Included in these summary reports are detailed graphs and trends that you can use to see just how and where the resources are being allocated.


•    Shop Notifications
•    Email Alerts
o    High/Low Scores
o    Hot Buttons
•    Customized Set-up
•    Senders/Messages

ShopWATCH is perhaps one of the most unique aspects to our entire proprietary system. While the ShopCENTRAL service is the main hub, this is where you will spend a good amount of your time. There are countless opportunities for you to be notified of any shopping results or current data gathering, so the ShopWATCH system includes notifications of what’s going on for your business. This is done via a few services, but mainly through email alerts that you can set up to display various things that you find important to your business and the shop being performed. Inside our system you’ll actually be able to send messages back and forth to those who have access to your particular program. So if there’s anything you need to share, you can do so at any time. We pride ourselves on having everything ready and available at your fingertips.


•    Management Protocol
•    Best Practices
•    Company Objectives
•    User Tracking

We like to think of the ShopACTION service as the meat and potatoes of the ShopMAX program. This section is where you as the business owner can really make clear observations of everything going on in your business. In here you will be able to put guidelines and information that you want your employees or sales staff to implement. Whether it’s company objectives or the best practices for your business, if there’s something that you want your staff to fall in line with, or something that you deem important to the daily operation of your business, then you can add it here. In addition, there’s a user tracking system in place, so you will be able to monitor the usage of the system by all who have access to it. This is beneficial to tracking just how effective your methods are, and whether your employees are utilizing it properly.


•    Online Forum
•    Share Comments:
o    Recognition
o    Coaching
o    Action Plans
•    Tracked by Day/Date

The last component to the ShopMAX system is our ShopBLOG. We wanted to give you a one-stop shop for research tools and information, and we came up with this valuable resource for business owners and employees alike. It’s an online forum for others just like you to come together and discuss the shopping practices and what has been learned throughout the process. Share your experience, or just give some sage wisdom to others, and watch as the wealth of information continues to grow. It has become one of our most widely used pieces of the ShopMAX system, and our clients have given us great feedback in regards to it. The availability of information is our number one goal, and this is just another aspect to how quickly you can get anything you want from our system.

ShopMAX is unique, and it’s something we want to share with our clients so that they constantly feel as though they are given everything they need to accomplish great business practices. As our proprietary system, you will not find anything like it outside of Shoppers’ Critique International. So if you’re in need of some information about a particular shop you’re having done, or you just want some valuable information in regards to businesses and how they are run, look no further than our ShopMAX system!