Shoppers’ Critique to Attend 2014 National Restaurant Association Show

Every year for the last 95 years, the National Restaurant Association hosts an event where over

two thousand companies get together. Various companies specializing in restaurant operational

issues, menu development, health and nutrition, and many more come out to exhibit

themselves. This year, Shoppers’ Critique International has the pleasure of attending this

wonderful event.

This invitation presents a unique opportunity for us, as we are able to get in front of many different

companies. We’ll take this chance to meet with key individuals in the restaurant industry, and as a

premier mystery shopping company, we can showcase just how effective our mystery shopping

programs are and how they can benefit these companies. Since we already have a foothold in the

restaurant mystery shopping industry, we can provide these companies with a very in-depth view

of how the business actually works by using current examples of how our programs have helped others.

We also have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the restaurant mystery shopping industry

because of just how large and influential the National Restaurant Association is.

The National Restaurant Association show gives the chance for suppliers and specialty booths to present

organic food, allergy and gluten­free meals, franchise opportunities, technology, and

conservation. There will also be special events such as book signings by famous authors, in

addition to the World Culinary Showcase. Shoppers’ Critique International has a very unique

opportunity and we look forward to using the situation to our best ability. We hope to remain the

premier restaurant mystery shopping company, and the National Restaurant Association show is

a great step in maintaining that level of notoriety and quality.

If you are attending the National Restaurant Association this year, we look forward to getting the

opportunity to speak with you and showcase just what Shoppers’ Critique International will be able

to do for your business.