Recognizing Problems in Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have a lot on their plate. Not only do they have to worry about serving great food

to their customers, they have to make sure they are providing the best dining experience possible.

Restaurant patrons not only critique the food, but the service, staff, atmosphere and overall feeling they

get during their meal.

Owners of smaller restaurants may not always have control over all of the elements mentioned. If they

are the chef, they may not be able to keep up with the front of the house during a dinner rush or maybe

they haven’t found anyone to help with management. Critics or mystery shoppers can help a restaurant

owner pinpoint the problems, which need to be addressed in all areas of their business.

From the service side of the dining industry, it can seem as though people like to complain to get

something for free. With the recent increase in review writing that has become popular, everyone

can say what they feel. It is important to keep an eye on what your everyday customers say about

your restaurant and your food, but keep in mind some people talk because they can. People have their

own idea of a perfect meal. Don’t ever ignore a bad review or complaint, but realize you can’t please


The main complaints to be taken into consideration in this business are food preparation, plating

techniques, food handling, service provided by the wait staff and ticket times. If you receive consistent

complaints in any of these categories, it may be time to meet with your staff and address the problem.

Each group of workers in a restaurant must work together to create synergy in food preparation and

service. If the ticket times are slow, impatient guests will wait too long for their food or attention from

their server. In that case, it is hard to change a diner’s opinion of your restaurant. Sometimes, mediocre

food can be overcome by great service and a pleasant experience. Other times, your amazing food is

being overshadowed by rude or inattentive staff members.

It can be difficult to accept that things are going wrong with your business. Admitting you need help

takes acceptance and self confidence. It’s better to ask for assistance than to let your dream crumble

and be left with just your pride. If you see a decrease in sales or you need help getting out of a rut, a

mystery shopping company can help you sort out your biggest kinks. Criticism from the public allows

you to see what is wrong, but a mystery shop report enables you to fix the problem in private, instead

of issues being announced publicly. The mystery shopping company will assist you in putting together a

plan to pick up business and please your clientele.