Roxanne Brown, of Purple Land Management, recently posted a story on her LinkedIn profile that really hit home for us here at Shoppers’ Critique. We spend our time making sure that our clients have happy customers. Our findings can be quite surprising to managers and company owners if they do not support a customer service oriented business model. Below is what Roxanne had to say about her experience with customer service, or the lack of:

Ways of Customer Service

This weekend I had to do the unthinkable – I had to go to the mall. I typically avoid going on the weekends thanks to the throngs of teenagers, pushy kiosk salesmen and overall pain in the butt parking. This time though I had to go and tried to make the best of it. After fending for myself in the store, I waited in line while I watched an angry exchange between a customer and the store manager involving a coupon gone wrong and it made me think…..Does no one understand customer service anymore?

As a land services provider, my job is to keep my client/customer (E&P companies) happy. Part of how I do that is by providing a great quality product at a fair price. But there’s more to it than that. It’s my goal to always add more value to my services and to make my customer feel even better about their experience with me.

One of the ways I accomplish this is to remind myself that even my boss (the client) has a boss. And EVERYONE wants to do a good job for their superiors. At the start of every project I ask my clients what their meeting schedule is and how they report on the work they have going on in the field. This allows me to tailor my product to make them look good. For example, if a client tells me that they meet with their bosses every Friday to discuss the projects they have going, I can make sure to give a concise and easy to read summary to them every Thursday. This means they go into their meetings on Friday with a clear picture of exactly where my project is and allows them to answer any/all questions their supervisors may have. Voila! Everyone is happy and my client looks like a rockstar.

Another way I make customer service a top priority is to work with my clients and their budgets. If I know what their end goal is, I can always give them options on how to best achieve that and allow them to pick what best suits their needs. I recently had a client who needed to drill 10 wells in the next 3 months. I sat down with them and went through possible scenarios to meet their needs – maybe it would be best to bring on more people in order to get the project done faster. Sometimes I can talk to the title attorney and find out things that aren’t so important that we can skim over and save some time on. Other times we can save some money by actually scanning in the documents and making them searchable on the computer, thus saving mileage, hotels, etc. for the people who are working the project. One or all of these things combined often times makes the difference between my client staying profitable or not. In this particular case I was able to bring them in on time and under budget.

The days of sending a box of chocolates or a bottle of liquor to a client are over. Those things may be nice, but they can buy their own dessert. Bottom line – they need real value and good old fashioned customer service. Today I’d like to challenge you to think of ways you can help your client’s succeed and provide them with the best customer service possible.

If you own or manage a business, your job is to make sure your customers receive the product and service they’re looking for. If you can succeed in providing great customer service, your customers will not only come back for more, they are likely to recommend your business to their friends as well.