Mystery Shopping Providers Can Send Anyone, Even a Voice Over the Phone

It’s a Mystery

Are you a business owner or manager who is expecting a mystery shopper to show up today? What do you think that person will look like? Will it be a man or a woman, a couple, or a family? Maybe it will be all of the above, or perhaps something in between. That’s the great thing about mystery shopping. Even you don’t know whose coming. As a matter of fact, they might not even be coming today, so stop looking at everyone who walks through the door like they might be the one.

Mystery shopping providers hire shoppers in all shapes, sizes, colors, and combinations. You might think that senior citizen couple meandering slowly through the isles and buying just an item or two couldn’t possibly be the mystery shoppers, but they just might be. Can you think of a better part time job for two retired people? Not only are they experienced consumers but they are also going to take their time and do the job right, ensuring that you will get an accurate picture of how your business is working.

Look at another possibility. How about that young kid that you’ve been watching suspiciously as he roams through the store looking at everything but not buying? He could be a potential shoplifter or he could be someone who’ll report back on all of the actions and attitudes of your employees. You just don’t know and neither do they. That’s why your staff should be trained to be polite and helpful to everyone.

A mystery shopping provider will evaluate your store’s traffic patterns and the demographics of your customers before sending a shopper in. That shopper will be selected because of their ability to blend in and could be anyone. They might even show up as a voice on the other end of the phone. The next call that you get could be a new customer looking for information, an old customer with a complaint, or a mystery shopper writing a report about your customer service people and system.

When you as a business owner hire a mystery shopper service you’re giving yourself a chance to find out how your company runs when your employees think no one is watching. Once you get the reports back, let them know what you did. The possibility that someone might be watching will force them to treat every customer the way they should be treated, something they ought to be doing already.