Mystery Shopping:  How Does This Customer Service Marketing Tool Work?

A Step-by-step Just For You!

OK, you’ve come this far, you’re intrigued, but you’re still trying to piece together in your mind how mystery shopping works…let’s take a journey through the process:

1. After you sign up, your application is reviewed. Once you are accepted as a shopper, you will have access to our inventory of open shops which can be accepted (and committed by you to be completed on deadline). Everything you need to know about completing those shops is there for you, and we have a team of schedulers on call at the office to answer any other questions you may have. Not all shops can be self-scheduled; some will require advanced training over the phone and you will have to contact us for that training and subsequent assignment if you are interested in completing one of those shops.

2. You complete the shop as directed. Most shop forms are yes/no checkoffs, with some other details that need to be filled in (times, names and descriptions of people you interacted with, brief explanations of certain details).

3. You submit the shop details online, on time! It goes into the system and is reviewed by editors and several layers of management for consistency and detail. By the way, your report is also rated and scored internally, and added to your profile here. Protect your rating with us by always completing reports with all required information and submitting them on time!

4. Your shop is made available to one of our worldwide clients who commissioned the study. They then use the information you gathered and submitted, along with others that have also been reported, to gain a snapshot of their business. From that point forward, companies use their consumer intelligence in many different ways, from changing systems at the business to recognizing and rewarding top performing employees and locations.

5. You will be paid your shopper fee (and any reimbursements due) during our next accounts payable run, usually within the month or less. PAYPAL is the preferred method of payment, although we will send a hard check if you do not have an account.

Pretty simple? If you are ready to give it a shot, the next step is to sign up at the link below. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see a shop right away…we have many shoppers already in our database, as we have been in this business almost 2 decades. But thousands of shops are dispatched by us each month, and they are released at various times of the month. You will receive an automatic email, once you’ve signed up and been approved as a shopper, of all available shops in your area once they are released for scheduling. Shortly in 2010, we will also be releasing notice of shops dispatched here on Facebook and on Twitter to those who opt in for our Shops Alert Twitter account!

Finally, remember these rules when dealing with any purported mystery shopping company:

NEVER pay any monies up front to the company for anything!

NEVER cash an unsolicited check, no matter how real it looks!


Hope to see you shopping for us soon!!