It Is a Wonderful Life When You Know What Your Customer Thinks

Is a Bigger World Better?

Were you recently reminded of those days of an “Old-Fashion Christmas”? You know, like in the days of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where everything was smaller and easier for us to get our arms around? Back then, many store owners, managers and clerks knew their customers and what was important to them. They didn’t need to survey the customer’s opinions or mystery shop their operations. They would just ask Abner or Miriam what they thought as they rung their purchase up at the till. And they delivered personalized service.

Wow! How far away that seems in today’s over-sized and mega-competitive world! From retail to restaurants, apartment leasing to automotive sales, everything seems so much more competitive.

The good news about conducting business nowadays is that it is, in fact, a bigger world…a much larger marketplace with room for multiple vendors and millions of customers who can be targeted for the sales of computers, cell phones, steaks, full-efficient SUVs and countless other products and services. The downside: how do you maintain the feel and information flow of that 1946 Bedford Falls, NY customer connection of “It’s a Wonderful Life” in 2013 Manhattan, NY?

Today, it requires tools. Precise metrics for measuring key aspects of the customer service experience. Mechanisms for gauging customer loyalty, based on the experiences, impressions and halos, both positive and negative, received through interacting with front line sales attendants. Companies need the means to determine if corporate policy is being implemented, and even if so, to assess whether those policies are impacting the customer in the way that was anticipated, procuring the intended emotional response or not. In an era where Z-MOT, or the zero moment of truth, reigns over the first encounter, it is even more essential to measure, review, adjust and re-measure every channel by which business connects with consumers.

At the crossroads of measured performance and real, relevant data is where a customer intelligence company like Shoppers’ Critique International stands, fully utilizing its 40+ years of experience in data gathering, assessment and performance enhancement feedback to close the gaps between business and customers. It’s not one methodology; not one cookie cutter solution. Our solutions involve a personal look at the unique relationship between a company and the audience that it seeks to please, its customers. If your business isn’t taking advantage of the many assets and tools that Shoppers’ Critique can provide, chances are you might not really know what sort of emotional responses you are truly generating. Cost-effective, easy to implement: it IS a wonderful life, when you know for sure the specific impressions that you are imprinting on your customer base. This powerful knowledge supplies the competitive edge for leading brands to adjust their operations and assets, consistently now reaching that group in the manner that they always intended while maximizing market share and revenue potential. That’s powerful; that’s a Bedford Falls philosophy and an action plan for a 21st century.

We here at Shoppers’ Critique International wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous New Year! Hope to see you around the Falls sometime soon!