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Key Home Builder Performance Issues

When a prospective resident comes onto the property, you want assurances that your employees are at their best: knowledgeable about the neighborhood, model selections and amenities, and following all sales protocols to convert that prospect into your next resident. From the initial phone call to the walkabout tour, your best chance at closing the deal requires that your employees are at the top of their game!

In business for more than forty years, Shoppers’ Critique International is here to help you with all of your customer intelligence needs. For the past few decades, we have been providing high quality, reliable, and timely intelligence information on customers to many of America’s top brands. Through this time, we have learned what makes brands successful, and why other brands or companies often fall to the wayside or get lost in the crowd. Our customer intelligence products can give you the information that you need to empower your company with both knowledge and customer perceptions. During our evaluation of home builders, we measure variables including:

  • Are we actively selling models, homes or specs, or simply going through the motions?
  • Do our sales people come across as knowledgeable, empathetic problem-solvers to the prospect?
  • Do we create a welcoming and friendly sales environment on the phone and in-person?
  • Do our sales people highlight the amenities which distinguish our properties from others?
  • Are our sales people following the specific training and protocols that we provided them with?
  • Which potential sales are falling through the cracks, and how and why is this happening?
  • How do prospects and customers feel about us and our brand?
  • Which operational adjustments can garner higher returns?
  • Are we consistently responsive to internet and phone leads?
  • What are people saying about us on Facebook?
  • How does our sales experience compare with our competitors?
  • What are our perceived negatives and how do we reduce them?
  • Is collateral being used as prescribed and displayed properly?
  • How do our locations stack up against each other?

Maximum sales performance equals maximum revenue, and Shoppers’ Critique International has a proven suite of measurement and marketing tools to ensure your employees are creating the best possible sales environment to drive profits and convert sales.

Customer Intelligence Best Practices for the Home Builder Industry

Acquiring and maintaining record sales through exceptional customer service levels requires the ability to consistently gather and measure data and feedback throughout your value chain. Below are the most prominent areas that the Home Builder clients of Shoppers’ Critique International use to gather customer intelligence and improve overall performance.

  • Phone Inquiry Experience
  • Internet Inquiry Experience
  • On-Site Sales Presentation
  • Social Media and Reputation Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis

Benefit from our experience by requesting a consultation today. We can help you develop a customized plan to address the needs you know you have, and the ones you didn’t even know existed.

Recommended Measurement Tools Include:

  • On-Site Mystery Shops
  • On-Site Audio Shops
  • On-Site Video Shops
  • Phone Shops (Recorded or Non-Recorded)
  • Internet Shops
  • Competitor Shops
  • Neuro-Economic Profiling
  • Web Surveys of Prospects
  • Employee Climate Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Media Monitoring

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