Important Shopper Registration Update

Shopper Registration Update

Social Security Numbers No Longer Required

Until now, we have required every shopper to provide their social security number during registration since we are required to report shopper income on a 1099 form if they exceed $600. That information was encrypted and all proper security measures adhered to.

Still, it seems every month or so we hear about another major company with a security breach and millions of people’s personal information obtained. As a proactive measure, SCI has decided to change our process and what we store.

Social Security numbers are no longer required during the registration process. All shoppers that registered previously will have that information deleted from our system.

From this point forward, we will only collect that information when we are required to have it for federal or state reporting requirements. Shoppers will be advised when it is required. We will only retain it on our system for as long as we need it for reporting purposes.

Our shoppers are one of our greatest resources and we want to continue to make their experience with SCI the best it can possibly be. Thank you for the many years of partnership!