How to become a mystery shopper

Looking for extra money or just something to do as a part-time job? Mystery shopping could be that thing that you are looking for. Forget the sketchy looking ads for mystery shopping jobs that you see online on job boards. Mystery shopping is a real job and there are reputable companies that do pay for your input on local businesses.

The first step, if you are thinking about a becoming a mystery shopper, is to do your research! If you see scam reports on a company anywhere online, run away! Another warning sign is if a company tries to make you pay to register to become a mystery shopper. You should never have to pay. That situation is a scam, every time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Look for accreditation or associations that the company is part of. If they are part of the Better Business Bureau, contact them to get reviews and see their status. An A+ rating is best. This goes for any business that you work with. Also take a look at some of the companies that they represent. A reputable business is most likely to work with other reputable businesses.

Once you find a company that you feel comfortable, go straight to their website or give them a call. Do not register for a job off of a job board. There should be a place on the company’s website with information on how to register and most have the registration right on the site. Fill out the registration and someone will be in contact with you.

You will only be asked to perform shopping jobs within a certain area, depending on where you live. Please note, if you are trying to make a full-time job out of this and support a family, it is not a realistic goal. This job is perfect for supplemental income for people that can pay attention to detail. Liking the activity of shopping doesn’t hurt either.

Thank you to our current and future shoppers for all of your help. We couldn’t provide the great information to our clients that we do without your work. To register to become a shopper with us click here.