How Mystery Shopping Companies can Help Your Business Succeed

Put Your Business to The Test

Even if your business seems to be doing well, there is a good chance that there is room for improvement. Employees can perform better, techniques can be refined, and processes can be modified. All of these can have a positive impact on your bottom line, but how do you know where those improvements need to made and how to go about implementing them? Before you can apply a solution you must know what the problem is. That’s where mystery shopping companies can help you.

Companies that most often use mystery shoppers come from the retail, call center, and restaurant industries. In the retail industry, mystery shopping companies are invaluable in evaluating the performances of sales and customer service personnel, the lifeblood of any retail store. Rude or inefficient salespeople can offend your customers, causing them to go elsewhere. Detecting that behavior by using mystery shoppers can keep your customers happy and improve your profit margins.

If you run a call center, you may have the technology to record calls, but a mystery shopper can create a situation where your callers have to respond under pressure. That “difficult” customer is the ultimate test for even the best of your salespeople or CSR’s. How smooth can they be? Will they crack and let loose on the obnoxious person who’s on the other end of the line or will they continue to act like a professional despite the pressure? A mystery “shopper” can help you find out by being a mystery caller.

The restaurant industry offers perhaps the best opportunity to employ mystery shoppers to test your personnel and your entire system. Is your food good? Is the host or hostess polite and helpful? Do your waiters and waitresses know the menu and work fast and efficiently? You could even test your manager if you like by having your mystery shopper complain and see how the negative feedback is reacted to.

Mystery shopping companies provide all of these services and more. They provide an outside entity that can test the inner workings of your company for you. With this knowledge you can refine your system, upgrade personnel, or change processes so that they work more effectively. You can also provide more of what works. Many company managers feel that mystery shoppers will bring out only the negative, but they can also reveal what is positive so that you can build upon that.