How does a Mystery Shopping Provider find their Shoppers?

Hiring Shoppers

How do you get a job as a mystery shopper? Business owners who hire mystery shopping providers want to know where those shoppers come from. What exactly makes them qualified to determine whether or not an employee is performing up to standards? Their report may put someone’s job on the line. How do you know that they will be fair and unbiased? These are important questions that deserve answers.

A mystery shopping provider will never send a shopper who is connected to you or your employees in a personal way, eliminating the possibility of bias. They will also never give you recommendations of termination on any employee. That is up to you after evaluating all of the data that is compiled by mystery shoppers who have visited your place of business. Most of the time, this will come from multiple visits that are done on different days of the week, both busy and slow.

The purpose of hiring a mystery shopping provider is to find out how efficiently your business runs and improve on it, not to test employees you’re looking to get rid of. Internal problems such as theft and skimming hours should be handled internally. Mystery shoppers are just trained to shop and report back on how that experience was. The availability of items, the check-out line wait, and the politeness and level of assistance given by employees are all elements of the report that will be put together by the company owners to make decisions with.

How does someone get to be a mystery shopper? The process is the same as it is with any other job. A mystery shopper applies for the job, goes through training so they know what the service is looking for, and then does their job to the best of their ability. Their performance is evaluated on a regular basis and negative reports are generally double checked by other mystery shoppers, particularly in the case of problem employees who might lose their jobs.

If you are interested in becoming a mystery shopper there is a phone number and link to a contact form at the top of this page. This mystery shopper service offers diverse opportunities for consumers from all different backgrounds and levels of education. You can actually get paid for shopping for those items that you use the most at all of your favorite stores and online locations.