The Holiday Season Is Here, And So Are Mystery Shoppers!

Hire Your Shopper’s Critique Mystery Shoppers Today!

In an era of Yelpers, Google reviewers, and Facebook commentators, most business owners are well-aware that discerning customers are always poised to give feedback – good or bad. In today’s business environment, most of us know that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and many of us will do anything to protect it.

As business owners or service providers, we want to be sure that our customers are treated well and feel that their investment in our service or product is a worthy one. That’s why it’s important to gather feedback not just from the usual sources – but from trained professionals with their eye on specific benchmarks.

What Is This All About!?

Mystery shoppers are paid professional consumers who act like regular customers or clients and report findings on their experience and your staff and management will not know that they are being evaluated. Shopper’s Critique International has over 40 years of multi-industry expertise in the mystery shopping sector. Our reputation and core values are based on providing high-quality, action-oriented data you can use immediately to improve your businesses’ performance.

All Shoppers’ Critique clients’ data is stored in our customized ShopMax system, an intuitive platform designed with input from our users. It aggregates and displays shopper data the way you need to see it, making it easy to understand and immediately actionable.

Shoppers’ Critique Mystery shoppers are diligently screened for quality and professionalism. Each shopper has an individual profile with their demographic information as well as their shopping experience and industry certifications. Before visiting a client’s business, they complete an evaluation to make sure they are the right fit for the screening. This results in guaranteed high-quality shopper feedback every time.

Who Utilizes These Shoppers?

Mystery shopping is used by almost any type of business you can imagine. Whether you are a dental practice, a restaurant, a retail store, a concert venue, real estate firm, or even a government organization, chances are that you could benefit from the services of a professional mystery shopper.

Mystery Shoppers for the Holidays

The upcoming holiday season is the ideal time to bring mystery shoppers on board to evaluate your business. With the holidays often comes a mad-rush for businesses of all types. It’s not uncommon for customers to deal with long lines, products out of stock, or frazzled employees with limited patience.

This makes the holiday season a great opportunity to have your processes evaluated by a third-party who can give you the feedback you need to outperform your competition. Have one of our mystery shoppers stop by your business to see how you stack up under pressure.

Even online businesses can benefit from having a new set of eyes on their sites during this time of year. It’s a great chance to have someone “use” your site to test the look, functionality, and overall user experience and can be immensely helpful in ensuring your businesses profitability at the end of 2016 and far beyond.