Finding Your Company’s Weak Links with a Mystery Shopping Service

Is Your Company a Weak Link?

There’s always room for improvement. No matter how well your company runs there is always something that can be done to make it better. Looking at it from the inside may not provide you with any answers. The true beneficiaries of an efficiently run company are the customers. Only they can tell you if what you’re doing is working. The fact that they’re buying your products or services is one indication of success but how do you know whether or not making a few changes will increase those numbers?

A mystery shopping service can give you the answers you need to find your company’s weak links and improve on them. The best way to find out whether your customers are getting all that they can get from you is to hire someone to be your customers. These paid consumers are known as mystery shoppers and they can do what your own employees cannot do, tell you how well you are doing from a customer’s perspective.

What areas are there where you can improve on your company performance? The first thing that comes to mind is employee dedication and efficiency, something that a mystery shopper can evaluate for you. Because the person who is doing the shopping will be unknown to your salespeople, they will act and perform as they normally do, not rolling out the “red carpet” treatment like they would with a known company spotter.

The weak links don’t always have to be caused by the people who work for you. The system itself may be broken. This is particularly true with online businesses. An internet based business relies on its websites to be successful. The conversion rate of those websites can be improved by making usability easier. Once again, a mystery shopper can help you with this. By using the system and making a purchase they can evaluate what can be improved on and report that back to you.

Another weak link for your company could be your inbound or outbound call center. Inbound and outbound calls, like physical customers and web hits, are known as “points of contact”. Mystery shopping companies help you to seal up your weak links at these points of contact. Customer service and telemarketing almost always have flaws that can be corrected. A mystery shopping company has personnel who can evaluate either and help you to make those changes that will make your call center more efficient.