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Being A Sponsor

Shoppers’ Critique International was proud to be included among the sponsors at the 2015 Florida Attractions Association Annual Conference held in Fort Myers from June 7 through June 10. Jake Dancy, Operations Manager, and Kevin Nixon, National Sales Manager, took part in the event, the theme of which was “Charting Your Course.” The focus of the event was celebrating the excellence in the Florida attraction’s community while exploring new horizons for growth and expanding networks for continued success.

Keynote speakers at the conference were Cindy Novotny, the founder of Master Connection Associates and Guy Harvey, the founder of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Additional insights were shared by Will Seccombe, President and CEO of Visit Florida, and Paul Phipps, CMO of Visit Florida.

Jake Dancy expressed his appreciation, saying, “I would like to thank Bill Lupfer, Mike Donaldson, the FAA staff and the Board of Directors for hosting such a wonderful event. It was a pleasure to attend and very well put together. There were a number of great speakers and guests and we really appreciated learning from all of them. In addition to the great speakers, breakout sessions and networking opportunities, we are excited about the relationships and partnerships we built at the conference.”

Perks of the FFA Conference

In addition to all of the networking and business at hand, attendees were treated to local tours and outdoor events celebrating the beautiful and one of a kind attractions Florida has to offer. Kevin Nixon, who attended the event for the first time, said, “I am so happy I got the opportunity to attend the 2015 FAA Conference! I had a great time and got a chance to meet some amazing people. The events were really enjoyable, the speakers were excellent; it was an overall great experience in a beautiful location. The conference definitely exceeded my expectations and I am already looking forward to next year!”

It is our honor to serve the FAA and the membership and we look forward to many more years of successful partnership. It is always a pleasure to spend time with our fellow members who are committed to the association and passionate about providing a superlative guest experience in Florida.