Can a Mystery Shopper Company Really Improve Your Bottom Line?

Get The Most for Your Money

Your bottom line is the amount of money you actually make after all of your expenses have been covered. That’s a simple definition but one that is accurate and applicable to this example. The answer to the question in the title is yes, a mystery shopper company can improve your bottom line. They can do this by evaluating how your company works and providing you the information you need to make it more efficient.

Go back to the simple definition again. How much do you, or more specifically does the company make “after expenses”? It’s those last two words that are the most important part of this question. Regular expenses are your overhead, manufacturing, taxes, salaries, and incidentals. Other items you can put in the expense column are human error and inefficiency. These can be eliminated by hiring a mystery shopper company.

A mystery shopper’s job is to go in to a place of business and shop, taking note of how the employees work and what consumers have to go through to make a purchase. If this process is difficult, they file a report explaining why and you as the company owner or manager can make changes to make it easier, saving you in the long run as your customers will be happier.

Streamlining the process may allow you to cut personnel, work less hours yourself, and free up your customer service personnel who currently spend all their time fielding calls and complaints. Eliminating mistakes and cutting back on unnecessary paperwork and waiting time can vastly improve productivity and therefore profit margin.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you run a call center for inbound calls. Your customers call in and have to go through a waiting period and then a series of transfers before they get to where they need to be. Some of these can be eliminated but you need to know what the process is before you can make the changes. A mystery shopper, or caller, can go through the system and report on its inefficiencies.

Regardless of what type of business you own, a mystery shopping company can help you improve your bottom line. The initial expense is well worth what you will save in the long run. Think of it as checking for leaks so you can patch the holes. Your company efficiency, no matter how good it is now, can be improved.