Automotive Mystery Shopping For The Business Owner

Mystery Services That Fit Your Niche!

In today’s competitive automotive industry it pays to capitalize on every sales opportunity, in person, on the phone or over the web. Achieving maximum revenue from your sales team and customer loyalty with a first class experience is what Shopper’s Critique International can do for you. With over 40 years in the business of gathering customer data in the automobile industry, we have the tools to help increase sales and trouble shoot problem areas. Our services cover over the phone, internet and in person critiques on a client’s current set up with recommendations for improvement and comparisons to competitors’ business.

Phone shops are used throughout the industry to gain interaction with the client’s sales associates and customer service representatives to gain feedback from your customers on their experience with your establishment. These calls are often recorded to use as training tools for your employees and to retain information. Responding to your customers in a timely manner, being courteous, asking probing questions, suggesting solutions and asking the caller for the sale, all mark a well trained sales associate.

Internet shops are used to measure the responsiveness of your company’s employees to on-line inquiries. A hit on the “Contact Us” page on your web site is a potential customer you don’t want to ignore. Shoppers’ Critique International has proprietary software that tracks the date and time placed and responded to links for your “contact us” page. This tool allows the client to see how your employee responds to the inquiries coming in. Retailers with on-line shopping can use this to get customer impressions on the website, the sales process, and the delivery flow. Strengthening any weakness you have in your online presence is the key to helping drive sales.

On-site Mystery Shopping is used to give our clients an objective look at their overall operation. Gaining an unbiased look at your location, the employees, and the customers that shop there, is invaluable to running a good business. Having an inside look at your business practices and possibly your competitors can provide you with the knowledge needed to improve your sales.

In the automotive industry you want a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff and service department that know the automobiles you carry. Their goal should be to retain you as a customer and to get you to share your experience with others to increase sales. All of which will tie back into your phone and internet feedback. Mystery Shopping is about collecting data and that is what we do best.