Web-Based Receipt Survey Programs

5 Things Companies Need to Know

Many businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, have enacted or considered enacting a web-based receipt survey program. But are these effective? Do they give feedback essential to maintaining the highest standards of quality? Here are 5 points to think about when it comes to a web-based receipt survey program:

1. Web-Based Receipt Survey Programs are Cost-Effective. If you were do any consumer measurement, there is not likely to be a more cost-effective measurement tool than a web-based receipt survey program. Pricing is usually based on number of locations and is quite reasonable compared to other investments that you could make into consumer research.

2. Not Everyone Will Fill Out the Web-Based Receipt Survey. Recognize that, like coupon redemption, you will only a realize a small participation sample on your web-based receipt survey program. But if you are drawing from a decent size universe, you still will benefit from a relevant sample size. Just set your expectations to a reasonable level and don’t plan on a 50% participation rate. 3% would be outstanding.

3. You Must Offer a Decent Incentive. Time is money, and no one wants to do anything for free. $3 off the next bill is a popular incentive. Most of the time, this type of incentive is tied to a short-term expiration date which has the effect of either bringing the customer back for more business quickly or the incentive breaks on expiration and never gets paid out.

4. Keep Your Web-Based Receipt Survey Questions Brief. Again, people don’t want to be tied up, and the more involved your survey is, the lower the participation. Take your top 3 issues and place them on either a Yes/No or small Likert-scale scoring.

5. Web-Based Receipt Survey Programs Only Tell Part of the Story. A real professional on-going evaluation of your operations would include multiple methods of measurement. Web-based receipt survey programs give a global snapshot, but lack in the detail that an on-going mystery shopping program, exit interviewing or even on-line focus groups will highlight. A combination of secret shopping and a web-based receipt program gives an excellent foundational insight into your operations, and the addition of every supplemental layer of measurement gives an even more complete picture.